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You've always heard, "just let the past go", and "forgive and forget". I've tried it and was never able to just let go nor forget. No doubt you've heard you can't do anything about the past. The only thing you can do anything about is deal with issues in this moment. Indeed, have you tried letting go of the past? Were you successful? If you weren't, it isn't a character flaw.


I recently learned how to change the past! Sounds impossible? It was impossible for me to believe until I learned about EFT. The techniques are so unbelievable to my left brain, engineer type thinking that I didn't believe it either until I saw it demonstrated.


Of course you can't change the past, however, you can change the negative emotion with which you think about past traumas or events.


Here are a few of the things I have personally witnessed when assisting people in using these techniques and their comments:

  • A knee relieved of pain in one session.
  • An abscessed tooth, accompanied by a swollen jaw. Abscessed tooth drained by the end of the day then healed. 
  • Chronic dizziness. No cause or relief was found after expensive medical diagnostics. This technique eliminated the dizziness.
  • The lifting of oppressive grief for a woman's fiance who died three days before the scheduled marriage date. After the using this technique, she said it was "Like a great weight had been lifted".
  • The release of 30 years of anger in one session. "Now after one week I can't generate one angry feeling with really trying". Resulting in 16 years of diabetes side effects subsiding.
  • A painful corn on the foot relieved. It completely healed afterwards.
  • An intense fear of cockroaches completely in 2 sessions. Ask any psychiatrist if they can do that without EFT!
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder relieved in one session after four years of treatment by a psychiatrist along with four years of group therapy.
  • A 10 year backache relieved over the phone with a client.
  • Years of suffering with allergies relieved in two rounds of treatment.


We are not physicians and these are experimental techniques. You must take full responsibility for the application for these techniques.

The credit for all of this goes to Dr. Roger J. Callahan, a psychologist, with over 40 years of experience; Gary Craig and Adrienne Fowlie who were understudies of Dr. Callahan. As Gary Craig says, "These discoveries are to psychology what the Salk vaccine was to polio".


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