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EFT Protocol
Emotional Freedom Techniques


Step 1 Name the problem, clearly, directly and truthfully.

Step 2 Take a Distress Level of how bad it is right now 0 - 10

(0 = none, 10 = unbearable)

Step 3 Setup - "Even though [I have this problem], I deeply and completely accept myself" speak three times out loud or silently, while tapping the KC point . For example:

"Even though I have this pain in my arm, I deeply and completely accept myself"

Step 4 Using one or two fingers, rapidly tap each of the points 7-10 times, starting from point 1 (eyebrow) and ending with point 7 (under arm), then back to point 6 (collar bone); while tapping each point, speak out loud or silently, once at each point, a keyword or phrase that assists you in keeping focus on the problem:

Keyword Example: "pain"

Step 5 Check Distress Level. If significant progress has been made, yet some remains, go on to Step 6. If no progress has been made (Distress Level remains high), return to Step 1 and explore what other problem may be under this one. (example: "I did something stupid and hurt my arm." Setup: "Even though I did something stupid and hurt my arm I deeply and completely accept myself." Keyword: "Hurt" or "Stupid"). If you still make no progress, make note of the problem and call me.

Step 6 While tapping the KC point, change the Setup to:

"Even though there is still some of this problem [pain] remaining, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Return to Step 4 using keyword: "remaining" - meaning "remaining [problem or pain]".

Step 7 If, after using the new Setup in Step 6, the Distress level is not yet down to 0-1, tap the KC point while repeating (out loud or silently):

"I really choose to get completely over this problem [pain], and I deeply and completely accept myself."

Return to Step 4 using keywords: "completely over" - meaning "completely over this [problem or pain]"

Tapping Point Locations

1. Inside edge of the eyebrow

2. On bone outside the eye

3. On bone under the eye

4. Under the nose

5. Between mouth and chin

6. About one inch down and out from top of sternum

7. Under the arm - even with the nipple

KC - Karate Chop, the area between the wrist and pinky finger

Note: The order of tapping is insignificant. The order presented here is so you will more likely remember them all.

Adapted from Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques®

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