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I closed my land planning, civil engineering and surveying company, Rodenberger & Associates, Inc. in December 2000 where I was the land planner, chief engineer and CEO. Our company primarily designed single-family subdivisions. After 28 years it just wasn't fun any more. That was preceded by 16 years in the aerospace industry, which was preceded by graduating from Oklahoma State University with a BS in general engineering, which was preceded by four years in an anti-submarine patrol squadron in the U. S. Navy.

I have a beautiful wife Dolores (the only one that I've ever had) and three grown sons, Adam, Neil and Dan and granddaughter, Kathryn. They're all good looking and above average, as Garrison Keillor says of the people in Lake Wobegon.

In October 2001, my son, Adam, introduced me to Emotional Freedom Techniques. With time to meditate and practice the techniques, I was able to see the immense value of these techniques almost immediately. Demonstrating the simple and elegant procedures and seeing the profound beneficial results that most people have using them, is the most rewarding experience in my life!


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